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July 15, 2018


Delegate or Stay Small

If you don’t like reading you can listen to this on my (Soundcloud) podcast here Today was a big day.
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August 15, 2018


Employee Retention is a Dirty Word

What has always fascinated me is the subject of LOYALTY (to your employer) and Job SECURITY. These notions are almost.
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September 25, 2018

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Is Your Logo Out Of Date?

How often should you update, freshen up your Brand? I was talking to a friend recently who ordered new cabinetry,.
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October 3, 2018


Tools can MAKE or BREAK your Business

When I first started in business, it quickly became apparent that I will have to find the right tools to.
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October 15, 2018


Let your Brand Dominate the Future

Ever wish you were one of the first users of Instagram or Twitter or YouTube….. etc…. Just imagine how much.
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