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Book cover of Go To Sleep Late

Go To Sleep Late

A book for people who have homicidal
thoughts about their alarm clock

Sylvia Dziuba Author


Sylvia Dziuba is an Australian author. She specialises in non-fiction genres, including health, psychology, and culture.

She is particularly interested in looking at these topics through the convergence of different fields of study, such as neuroscience, psychology, biology and others.


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Go to Sleep Late: and Other Great Advice for Night Owls – to be released mid February 2023

Did you know that your tendency to go to sleep late might have little to do with your habits but everything to do with your genetic makeup?

Recently, science has made significant strides in chronobiology – the study of biological rhythms. The new science, combined with the author’s journey as a night owl, serves as the foundation for this book, which answers some of the most common questions, such as, ‘can a night owl become a morning person?

The book helps night owls understand how their biology works and explains why they are different. It talks about the advantages and disadvantages of their genetic makeup and how it changes over a lifetime. 

It also discusses some practical aspects of being a night owl, and the impact living in the early-riser society has on their body and mind when consistently functioning out of sync with their biological rhythm. 

Ultimately, the book focuses on optimum strategies to improve night owls’ physical and mental health and helps to dispel the stigma associated with waking up late.

Book cover of Go To Sleep Late

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