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The words you find on a website, in a blog post, or in an advertisement all have a purpose and a function to perform. It’s my job as a writer to choose the right words and put them in the right order to facilitate that function and fulfil the purpose.

But, that’s not enough because before I can do any of the things I mentioned, I first have to capture the target audience’s attention. Now, our brains are experts in ignoring the millions of messages attacking us around every corner.

The only way to grab human attention is to present the words in a fresh and unexpected way. This is particularly important for businesses because unless they figure out a way to get noticed, they can say bye-bye to cash flow.

Businesses are desperate to stand out and be noticed by prospective customers. They spend a lot of money trying to achieve this, but in the end, most of them end up sounding (and looking) exactly like the competition.

How many cabinet-making businesses have you seen claiming that they make custom-made kitchens? How many web design companies have you seen guaranteeing they can make you rank higher on Google? This is just white noise to me.

Writing copy is a skill, writing copy that works is an art form – one that I’m willing to spend the rest of my life mastering.


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