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Here are 2 things I am interested in lately

Hi, my name is Sylvia, I'm pleased to meet you 🙂

My daughter once told me to always include a smiley face when I communicate with someone – and even though she’s now 22yrs old, I just couldn’t help myself but to include it in the greeting above.
I am multi-talented / multi-passionate person – and for the longest time I was really ashamed of that. 
Not exactly that, but the fact that this unsettled, forever curious nature did not allow me to settle on anything for an extended period of time, particularly when it came to holding down a job.
It never took very long for me to start to feeling trapped, I felt the pressure of choosing just ONE thing to do, and, I just couldn’t.
I tried to follow the advice of well meaning experts who said “follow your passion and everything else will fall into place”.
What if you’re passionate about multiple disciplines, what if you get bored easily and want variety? Well, you’re in deep sh#i!
Then one day I woke up and decided to be everything, to stop apologising for my consistently inconsistent nature and just DO ME! 

So, What Do I Do?


My style isn't for everyone - I definitely don't do stiff or "professional". I'm a fan of conversational style writing - I think they call that 'creative'. I write for myself as well as for my clients. I write: Website Copy / Marketing Communication / Blog Posts / Articles / Books / and more.


I love solving problems - and that's what coding is (to me anyway). I code for my own businesses as well as for my clients. My skillset consists of varying degrees of expertise in the following: React.js / GAE / WordPress / Python / SQL and general HTML / CSS stuff.



I love to speak about business, marketing, disruption, and workplace practices. About breaking through (self-imposed) limiting beliefs. About being different and not conforming to what's proper and polite. I speak about fresh ideas and latest developments in business and marketing. Hire me if you are looking for an unconventional speaker.



"But we've always done it this way" are the last words of many extinct businesses. Change isn't easy, but with the right methods and strategies it can be simpler and easier to implement than you think. Sometimes, it's hard to see the underlying problem from the inside of the organisation. An outside perspective is often the easiest way to identify problems, find loopholes, and opportunities to enable change.

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Would you like to have a chat about your business?

A quick call is the best way for you to decide whether you think you might want to take things further and whether I'm a good fit for your requirements and expectations. If you can't reach me on the phone number (GMT+2), just leave a message on skype and I will get back to you within 24hrs - skype: sylvia.dziuba