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My Latest Book

Go to Sleep Late ebook cover

“This book is a result of 2 things:

1) The story of my own transition from a firm believer in the “wake up early” religion to a healthy lifestyle that was aligned with my chronotype.

2) Almost 2 years of deep research into chronobiology and the conclusions that followed after reading hundreds of studies, talking to experts in chronobiology and reading their books.

Go to Sleep Late proves that being a Night Owl is not a result of laziness or poor habits. It is NOT a choice but a genetic reality in the same way some people are left-handed or have blue eyes.

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Sylvia Dziuba Author

I’m an Australian author and Freelance Writer.

All my writing begins with a specific QUESTION; something that doesn’t let me sleep. And it’s my relentless drive to get to the bottom of the matter that fuels my writing.

I specialise in non-fiction. The topics that capture my interest can vary widely, ranging from health to money to culture. However, what ties them together is RELEVANCE.

I aim to look at issues in a way that is relevant to our life, today. This means that I often challenge outdated opinions and biases. At other times, I challenge today’s biases and perspectives based on historical data and latest research.

“Go to Sleep Late: and Other Advice for Night Owls” is my debut book; however, I have been ghostwriting books since 2018 for various clients around the world.

If you’d like to connect, feel free to DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn or write to me directly at

Future books that are flying around in my head

Book cover coming soon

Title TBC

This book is in progress.
Release date – Oct 2023

Book 2 by Sylvia Dziuba

Boredom: a Shortcut to Creativity

Release date – end 2023

Book 3 by Sylvia Dziuba

The Crucial Role of Pain
in Your Joy

Release date – early 2024

Words and punctuation are to a writer what musical notes are to a composer

- Anne Lamott