My name is Sylvia, I research and write about sustainability and circular economy. In order to keep my writing relevant and unbiased, I always deep dive into the latest research and studies representing both sides of the debate.

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Why Sustainability Matters

“Did you know that you can cook a frog alive without any force and it won’t even jump out of the water? All you have to do is heat the water very slowly.
I believe it’s exactly what’s happening to us now;
We are so desensitized to polluting, to using disposable single-use items, as well as materials and chemicals which make us and the environment sick.
It’s time for us to wake up and really see what’s happening around us, how much damage has already been done and how much work is required to (at least) slowly start to heal or reverse some of that damage.
I feel sorry for those only caring for the NOW and SELF, not at all interested in what kind of world we are leaving for the generations to come.

It’s time to take action, to change our habits and take (at least) small steps to a better present and a better tomorrow for everyone.”

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Sylvia Dziuba

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Featured Story

Massive changes are invisible in the moment.

The only way to achieve huge impact is by taking small, seemingly insignificant steps, this is how all big changes are made; let me explain…

Small to medium changes can be accomplished in a moment;  changing your hair colour, painting a wall, demolishing a house. But the only way to achieve large-scale maximum impact is over longer periods with small steps, this is visible everywhere in nature and shown throughout history – it’s impossible to achieve a massive change in any area with a single fell swoop of action.

It’s only through consistent and incremental actions that huge things can be accomplished.




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