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Sylvia Dziuba

Writes non-fiction books inspired by latest research.


I’m a non-fiction author. I play with ideas and concepts that inform, surprise, warn, or offer a fresh perspective.

I particularly enjoy concepts associated with strongly formed biases; ideas or beliefs people don’t like to change their minds about.

I think there is a mischievous troublemaker inside of me, that revels in the torment of others. Confrontational and unashamed, it indulges in this form of sadism, in the pursuit of purity and truth.

My process involves losing myself in research, driven by my unrelenting curiosity, looking for evidence, hours turn into days — not that I notice.

Like following Alice down the rabbit hole, the more I discover, the more I want to know.

Suddenly, I notice a common thread, a diamond shining through the dirt, I find what I’m looking for. Now I’m ready to write! And shout it from the rooftops.

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Latest Articles

Hidden Consequences of a Low-price Mindset

The reality of who benefits, who makes a profit, and who pays the price.

13 April 2022

Victims and Monsters

And the movements that create them.

23 January 2022

A Case Against the Lawn

Why the grass is not greener on the other side.

22 December 2021

Trust Your Gut vs. Evidence-based Descisions

Sometimes your intuition guides you down the wrong path.

20 May 2022

This is a rough draft for the cover of my new book – to be released July 2022

I’ve gone through a few iterations of the cover. This is the one I like the most, but before I make things final, I’d like to find out what you think.

You can DM me on Twitter @sylviadziuba

About this book:

Most books and advice are addressed at the majority population, the 80% that thrives on a typical early riser schedule.

People who belong to this category can readily access the best strategies to improve their physical and mental health, and improve productivity. Yet, when it comes to information for the chronological night owls, it’s near impossible to come by.

This book focuses on this minority, it helps you to identify which category you belong to and dispels the stigma associated with waking up late.



book cover night owl

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Book launch

I’m planning to appear on a few podcasts, more details to come.

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Words and punctuation are to a writer what musical notes are to a composer

- Anne Lamott