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Hi! My name is Sylvia Dziuba – Founder at NELIS (consulting agency) I’m a Business Transformation Fanatic 🙂 I Work with companies (all over the world) who are ready for CHANGEto improve PROCESSES, workplace CULTURE, and improve PROFITS. Our CONSULTING services and TRAINING COURSES incorporate proven Methods and Strategies that are SIMPLE and Easy to Implement, Yet POWERFUL. Our Methodology has been developed and based on research of successful companies spanning the last 100 years. We continue to track and research businesses of all sizes to stay on top of trends, digital solutions, and successful strategies.

Areas of Expertise

Business Analysis

Sometimes, it's hard to see the underlying problem from the inside of the organisation. An outside perspective is often the easiest way to identify problems, find loopholes, and opportunities to enable change.

Business Transformation

"But we've always done it this way" are the last words of many extinct businesses. Change isn't easy, but with the right methods and strategies it can be simpler and easier to implement than you think. Transformation is our super-power, we're can't wait to help you with yours.

Business Processes

If cashflow is the bloodline of the business, then the processes are its heart, which requires a check-up from time to time to ensure top efficiency. We help you evaluate current processes or create new ones.


Workplace Transformation

We help create workplaces where employees feel valued, where they are given a voice and autonomy to do their best work. Ask us about our successful Distributed Authority Model.

Business Tools

Software and Hardware are the easiest ways to increase productivity and make it easy for employees to do their jobs well and efficiently. Let us help you choose the right tools for your organisation.

Digital Disruption

Let us help you identify areas in your business ready for disruption, to ensure your business does not get left behind in this fast, ever-changing digital world. Stay innovative and a step ahead of the competition.

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A quick call is the best way for you to decide whether you think you might want to take things further and whether we're a good fit for your requirements and expectations. If you can't reach us on the phone number (GMT+2), just leave a message on skype and our founder, Sylvia Dziuba will get back to you personally - skype: sylvia.dziuba