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Go to Sleep Late ebook cover

This book proves that, like being left-handed, being a night owl is NOT a result of laziness or poor habits.

IT IS NOT A CHOICE but a genetic reality.

The book challenges the conventional wisdom of waking up early and provides practical advice that allows night owls to navigate the world of the early riser to achieve health and wealth by working with nature rather than against it.

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Sylvia Dziuba Author

Journalist & Author

All my writing begins with a specific QUESTION. Something that doesn’t let me sleep. And it’s my relentless drive to get to the bottom of the matter that fuels my writing.

I write about health. The topics that capture my interest within this area vary widely, ranging from chronobiology to neuroscience and everything in between.

I look at issues in a way that is relevant to today’s way of life. This means that I often challenge outdated opinions and biases. At other times, I challenge today’s biases and perspectives based on historical data and latest research.

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I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

- Albert Einstein