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In a nutshell, I write and speak about the future of design.

To be more precise, my work focuses on 3 main areas: ARCHITECTURE, INTERIORS AND OBJECTS.

While, the traditional role of a futurist is to identify emerging trends to provide foresight into probable futures, I’m a bit of an anti-trend evangelist. 

I think that in an industry that celebrates creativity, you don’t want to blend into the crowd by following mainstream trends, but to offer your individual signature to be recognised by.

How do I deliver my services?

Speaking at Industry Events | Magazine Writing | Participating in Panel Discussions

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To book Sylvia to speak at your event or for more information, you can contact her directly at hello[at]


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Photo of Sylvia Dziuba Design Futurist

To become an iconic designer, you must find a new way to express the period, not just the moment.

As we slowly approach our mid-century, it’s time to part ways with the mid-century-modern of the 1900s, which has dominated design over the last 100 years.

It’s time for designers to define the mid-century of the 2000s. What will it be? What will you insert into the blank?


It’s time for you to make your mark in this world…

Image of an opening: a window box with light streaming inside
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