My name is Sylvia, I’m a founder at, my journey is one I hope will appeal to many entrepreneurial souls with great (tech) ideas, but no idea how to bring them life.

I decided to document my journey at, to share what I have learnt along the way, how I hired my team of developers, and my plans for the future.

My story started in 2012, after many years in the Fitout/construction sector, I came up with an idea for a product sourcing platform. I googled my way to a team of developers on elance (now They promised me the world, I paid almost $2,500 and in return.. well, yes, you guessed it! I got NOT what I wanted.

I gave up for a while, then in 2014 I came across a post about a startup weekend in Melbourne, out of curiosity I decided to come along and observe, just for fun. One thing led to another and I found myself applying to take part in the weekend with my own idea. 48 hrs later I was announced the winner???!!!! (what just happened???!!!!)

The 2 developers who joined me that weekend agreed to help me develop it further for a stake in the business, I was soooo excited 🙂 I couldn’t contain myself, finally! I was going to achieve my dream!

Yet again, I was disappointed, it was all empty promises and a few months later with no code… once again, I decided to hang up my dream.

This time though, I didn’t let go, I decided to educate myself about this mysterious tech world with black screens and bucket loads of jargon.

This brings me to today; with a team of 5 (4 developers and 1 designer), we’re on track to launch at the end of March. I have so much to share with people just like myself, who are at the start of that journey, who feel lost and like myself back then, don’t even know that those strange individuals who write code for computer programs & websites are called developers/ engineers/ programmers etc…

If you are reading this and find yourself in that position, write to me at or, I’d love to help 🙂


I’m also available for speaking engagements and interviews, you can reach me on +61 435 135 100

or email: /

Sylvia Dziuba
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