Here is my story

My name is Sylvia Dziuba (pronounced Jooba)
I’m a founder at 2 startups GISTY & SHIOOT and 1 translation agency NELIS.
Apart from running my businesses I also WRITE | CODE | SPEAK | CONSULT (business & marketing).
I’m a big believer in sustainability and people centric BUSINESS & DESIGN.

Who Am I

My Superpower: Incurable Curiosity & Boundless Energy

My Mission

Help my clients create lasting change in their organisations.
To create places where people LOVE to work and do business

What I Do

I fight:
BOTTLENECKS | project DELAYS |DISORDER |UNHAPPY employees & clients
I create:

How I Do It

I Provide CLEAR, step by step
SIMPLE, EASY to apply instructions to enable CHANGE & achieve desired business GOALS

My Background

I have worked since the age of 15. Started at a $2 shop in Sydney, Australia. Since then, I’ve held more than 25 different jobs, at various levels in 7 different sectors, from small businesses to international corporations. This gave me a really good perspective on how businesses work and what makes them successful or not. For the last few years I have been focusing solely on helping businesses in the area of
My unique experience, knowledge, and unquenchable thirst for learning more and keeping a close eye on developments in my field allows me to help businesses achieve these goals faster to create a lasting change.

My 6-D's Consulting Process



The first step is to find out what your expectations or requirements are & to get an overview of your business and its current state.



Clearly Define CORE AREAS requiring Attention. And the OUTCOMES we expect out of our collaboration. 



At this point I’ll draft a custom STRATEGY / ROADMAP, how these outcomes will be achieved. 



Develop all documentation necessary to incorporate the strategy including, but not limited to: processes, manuals, training materials etc. 



Hold in Person or Online Workshops (1 on 1 & groups) to help to implement the strategy based on my proven ‘reinforcement loop’ system.  



Provide ‘After-Service’ Support, Track Progress, Make any Necessary Re-Adjustments – Deliver Results or your money back 🙂

Why work with me?

My 6-D’s Process successfully helps businesses of all sizes (and different sectors) overcome challenges and achieve their objectives.

Before, during, and after service support by email and phone – standard response within 24hrs.

My company’s reputation depends on delivering successful projects. We always begin our projects with the end in mind – then using a process of reverse engineering the desired outcomes to draft a customized solution for each organisation we work with.

First of all: My Team is AWESOME! We are based in different parts of the globe, but are all obsessed with our field of expertise. From ADMIN, to IT, to RESEARCH – btw, I’m always on a lookout for more talent, so if you know anyone amazing, let me know (

This is where the processes we have developed really shine – I am OBSESSED with RESULTS!
It’s what drives me and doesn’t let me sleep at night. I understand that most consulting companies will talk to you, develop a solution, then leave you to deal with implementation – that’s not the way I do business. Your results are my benchmark for success. 

A large proportion of my team is devoted solely to research. We gather data and statistics on latest studies associated with business success, hr, workplace, business structures, marketing, technology (including AI – machine learning, etc.), new tools and beyond. We are forever evolving and adopting smart solutions and methodologies, which have been proved in the industry over time. We select the best approaches, shortcuts, and techniques to deliver the best results for our clients.

Would you like to start a project with me?

Best place to contact me is on Skype