Delegate or Stay Small

delegate or stay small

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Today was a big day for me

I delegated a task I thought only I knew how to do properly….. yes, I am that big of a snob :/

The only problem was that as much as I was good at this task, I actually hated doing it and was always putting it off, which was hurting my business, it’s image, and it’s potential, wait! that’s not all!

It was hurting it’s GROWTH

Nevertheless, every time I thought about assigning it to an employee, it filled me with dread; what if they didn’t do this properly? what if…..(list is endless), I was so “control-freak’y” about it

So, I figured out a way around it

I designed a process (seriously, I created a spreadsheet) which would ensure that the task was done correctly, with instructions and a checklist – all of which left a digital footprint for me to check just in case I was worried (yes! control freak to the max!)

from a video by Jay Samit at TED talk

See, the weird thing is that I have no problem delegating tasks I am not familiar with or I’m plainly not good at, but everything else, Nightmare!

But I did it! and I feel happy – who knew!

Like a heavy load lifted off my shoulders, I am now free to carry on with the work I actually love and continue to grow my business

I have no idea why I haven’t doe this before?

hope this helps


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