Getting Your First Client

get your first client

When you first open the doors to your business, what you need most of all (no – it’s not money) is a reference.

A reference is the ultimate ice breaker into your new life of entrepreneurship, you need to get enough references to start getting deals with real money.
The first place to look is within your circle of family and or friends; at this point, it makes no difference if you work for free, this is not the time to think about your projected revenue & margins; references ARE the cost of entry into business.

As you start to make a name for yourself, you can:
– post these references on your website,
– use them as examples of previous work in meetings with potential clients,
– ask the people you worked with to post reviews on google, LinkedIn and anywhere else possible

Now you’re ready to sail

Wishing you all the best in your ventures

Sylvia Dziuba

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