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No funds? Go for Grants

There are many many business owners would love to make their business greener but just don’t know where to start. Here is one option to help you take your first steps towards circular economy even when you don’t have the funds to do so at this point.

circular economy

I’m talking about grants. In 2021 almost every local and national authority in the developed world offers a large number of grants to businesses and individuals willing to commit to making this world a better place. Whether it’s your first step and all you’d like to do is engage a Circular Economy Consultant or you have already invested some money and made changes in your business, but now are require a larger sum of money to make changes to your infrastructure – there are grants and solutions for all business cases. 

It’s always best to contact your local authorities first – such as the local council As they are best suited and have designed their grants around the local economy and the needs of the local business.
Next, do a search on grants offered by the government for all jurisdictions.
Thirdly, do a search for non-profit organisations in your area, who may have programs providing free education and who work with local businesses to help them improve processes and reduce their carbon footprint.

Check out our resources section for links to government bodies, organisations and individuals involved in Grants.

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