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Go to Sleep Late – published July 2023

This book is a collection of science-based advice for night-owls. It proves that, like being left-handed, being a night owl is NOT a result of laziness or poor habits. IT IS NOT A CHOICE but a genetic reality.

The book addresses the issues night owls experience when living in a world of early risers.

It also challenges conventional wisdom: health and wealth is achieved by waking up early. Except, in the case of night owls, that strategy has the opposite effect and causes obesity, disease, and depression, not to mention early death. 

In this book, I explore how this biological reality affects night owls and what they can do about it.

To show them how to navigate the world of the early riser to achieve health and wealth by working with nature rather than against it.

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If you’re curious where all the research came from, please click below for references.



Go to Sleep Late ebook cover

You can purchase an ebook version of ‘Go to Sleep Late; and Other Advice for Night Owls’ on Kindle 



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