Is Your Logo out of Date?

update your logo

How often should you update, freshen up your Brand?

I was talking to a friend recently who ordered new cabinetry, through a builder, she said that when the truck pull up in front of the house she was really scared and questioned their ability to do a good job, why? because of their horrible logo! That’s right! she questioned their ability to do a job they’ve done for over 20 years based on an outdated logo on a side of their truck. Luckily for her, their lack of taste in logos did not reflect on the workmanship, but it goes to show how much branding can communicate in a split second.

Like fashion or your hairstyle, your logo should get an update from time to time. The most successful companies update their branding and logo on an average of every 7 years. That’s something for you to think about.

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