Learning Code for non-tech Founders

learn how to code

When you first look at the screen of someone who writing code it looks like magic, a blur of letters and numbers (in different colors) on a black screen. It seems like you could never understand any of it, so you don’t even try, but if you want to get your tech startup off the ground, you will have to learn the basics (at least) and don’t worry, it’s not that hard 🙂

There’s 2 reasons why you would want to learn how to code for your new startup

  1. Because you want to develop the app yourself
  2. Because you want to be able to communicate what you want and to check your Developer’s code to see whether he/she is working or not (and how much work has been done)

If you are going with 1. be prepared that it will take you 1-3 yrs to get to the level of a full-stack developer (I will cover this topic in another blog)

And if you identify with 2. it will also take some time, but depending on the type of startup you might be able to hire your first person fairly quickly depending on the amount of time and focus you are prepared to put into the learning part.

Best place to start whether you’re 1. or 2. is here, it’s 100% free – you need to know the basics of HTML and CSS before you do anything.

all the best with your venture

Sylvia Dziuba

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