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Mar 2, 2021 | What's New

Plastic Ban in SA, Australia

What's New

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Written by Sylvia

As of yesterday, 1st March 2021, the state of SA (Australia) has banned the sale of certain single-use plastics.  Plastic cutlery or straws can no longer be given out to diners in food courts or restaurants – news source.

This is great news for Australia! I know it’s a small step, but it makes me proud to be living in a state to pioneer this great new policy.

VIC is to follow suit in 2023 – although I don’t see a reason why they can’t start right now.

Personally, it will be a relief as up until now, I’ve always carried a fork in my handbag just in case I felt like eating out, but didn’t want to accept the plastic cutlery which was offered to me – now, I can put it back in the drawer and reduce the weight of my bag 🙂


You would have to have been born yesterday not to realise that plastic is a huge problem around the world, but what is still being researched is the impact of micro and nano plastic on living organisms – that includes us.   I’m not going to dive into this subject too much in this post as I’m still in the process of going through the research that’s available right now, but I’ll keep you posted.

Also, I welcome any comments or literature/studies you may know of in this area.

Thank you.


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