Welcome to my show-and-tell

First of all, writing isn’t just a gig for me… it’s how I get to express my creativity.

It’s the only place where I get to learn, be inspired, and have the opportunity to quench my relentless curiosity.

Best of all, I get to help my clients achieve their goals, which I love because I’m a self-proclaimed people pleaser, and I’m ok with that.




A while ago, a client asked me to create some slogans for his new tea business – Power Tea. He planned to use the highest quality organic ingredients, which, in this day and age is highly desirable as people are so focused on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, he changed his mind and never got the business up and running. But, I worked hard on these slogans, and I don’t like waste; so, I decided to put these up in my portfolio for you to enjoy 🙂

BTW, I didn’t just create the slogans, I also used my design skills to make these graphics.

Blog Posts & Articles


I was commissioned by Kevin Cheung of Algorithm-xlab to ghostwrite an in-depth, long-form article about artificial intelligence.

This is one of a few articles I’ve written for him in the tech space.

BTW, feel free to read it here.

article ghostwritten by sylvia dziuba

Web Content

I knew I must have done something right when Flexioffices reached out to me to create Australian Area Guides.

It was 2019 – Flexioffices have done quite well in the UK and were now expanding into Australia. I was asked to write 28 area guides about the most lively and interesting suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne.

I guess the fact that I have lived in both cities for extended periods of time helped in being hired for this project, but it also made it one of the most fun I have ever worked on.

BTW, if you’d like you can read them click here.

flexioffices web content by sylvia dziuba

Editing & Proofreading

Simon Rey commissioned me to edit the very first draft of his amazing book.

I’ve worked for him before that editing his articles (here is one). Although, be mindful that as editors, we don’t always get the final say in the finished text.

BTW, you can order the book from Amazon here.

book edited by sylvia dziuba