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I invite you to take a look at the range of topics of expertise I consult (and speak) on.  I work with businesses 1 on 1, but you can also buy ready made strategies specific to your industry.

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My primal philosophy is about SHORTCUTS to business success – smart shortcuts, like using the elevator instead of the stairs or building a bridge over a canyon. To reverse engineer outcomes and find the shortest, most efficient way to achieve them.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing has evolved in such a powerful way over the last 50 years, but surprisingly most businesses are not keeping abreast with the changes.

Business Processes

If cashflow is the bloodline of the business, then the processes are its heart.

Content Strategy

The messages and everyday conversation you have with your customers and audience is a primary connection to your market.


Specific Solutions

I work with businesses to provide specific solutions for specific problems or issues. Sometimes it's hard to see the underlying problem from the inside of the organisation. An outside perspective is sometimes required to see an obvious solution.

Uncover Opportunities

"But we've always done it this way" are the last words for many businesses. I specialize in finding loopholes and opportunities to ensure your business does not get left behind and stays innovative and in front of the competition.


Speaking - Training

Contact me for speaking engagements or corporate training. Specifically in relation to Strategy, Business Processes, Innovation, and Disruption.

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