You too can be King

The most powerful individuals in history and the most successful have always had advisors, it was a privilege reserved for the rich

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dominate your market

Let your Brand Dominate the Future

Ever wish you were one of the first users of Instagram or Twitter or YouTube….. etc….

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tools for your business

Tools can MAKE or BREAK your business

When I first started in business and hired my first employees, it quickly became apparent that I will have to find the right tools to manage the ever-growing list of tasks.

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delegate or stay small

Delegate or Stay Small

Today was a big day for me. I delegated a task I thought only I knew how to do properly….. yes, I am that big of a snob :/

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update your logo

Is Your Logo out of Date?

How often should you update, freshen up your Brand?

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The Romance of Entrepreneurship

Today, it’s trendy to say: I’m an entrepreneur, people romanticize about business, but as it is with a true real life romance, you have to be prepared for the highs and lows, and in all honesty, there’s a lot of lows

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hard work

Definition of Hard Work

I feel that in today’s world HARD WORK is often confused with with RUSHED or DISTRACTED aka “MULTI-TASKING”.

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Personal Brand

Teach Yourself how to HUNT!

Have been doing a bit of hiring lately, it still surprises me how many people have a “job mentality” They don’t understand that THEY are their own BRAND

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Employee Retention is a Dirty Word

What has always fascinated me is the subject of LOYALTY (to your employer) and Job SECURITY.
These notions are almost alien to me

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borrow success

Borrow Success

When looking for new sales & marketing tricks, it might serve us well to look to other sectors and apply what has worked there to your own industry

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