personal development


You too can be King

The most powerful individuals in history and the most successful have always had advisors, it was a privilege reserved for the rich

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fast-track your career

Fast-track Your Career

If your plan is to consistently and quickly climb higher on the career ladder, here are 4 key points on how to achieve it

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imperfect is good

Imperfect is good!

It used to be “the devil is in the details”, we worshipped and adhered to this idea.

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learn how to code

Learning Code for non-tech Founders

When you first look at the screen of someone who writing code it looks like magic, a blur of letters and numbers (in different colors) on a black screen

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The Romance of Entrepreneurship

Today, it’s trendy to say: I’m an entrepreneur, people romanticize about business, but as it is with a true real life romance, you have to be prepared for the highs and lows, and in all honesty, there’s a lot of lows

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hard work

Definition of Hard Work

I feel that in today’s world HARD WORK is often confused with with RUSHED or DISTRACTED aka “MULTI-TASKING”.

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Personal Development

We all have to fight for our place in this world

“We all have to fight for our place in this world”, said Ronan Keating to one of the contestants on x-factor (Australia).

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