Teach Yourself how to HUNT!


Have been doing a bit of hiring lately, it still surprises me how many people have a “job mentality” They don’t understand that THEY are their own BRAND

This girl really upset me yesterday, because she sent in her resume with a cover letter that was riddled with spelling mistakes (about 10 in 2 paragraphs) and I’m not petty, I’m ok with 1 or 2, but 10!!! so I contacted her back and asked her about it, she tried to make excuses, but she already lost my respect, because it showed me she didn’t take pride in what she put out into the world. All she wanted was a “JOB”

Secure jobs are DEAD, only 57 of the Fortune 500 companies are still in business today, you are responsible for your career, it isn’t anybody’s job to support you

“There’s a whole generation, which was taught how to FEED, when they should’ve been taught how to HUNT”

– by Gary Vee

There’s no such thing as a SMALL task; approach this as if it was your own MICRO business, a micro project; Take charge, be accountable

Employers (including myself) are now looking for “Intrepreneurs”

At school we were taught to sit down and SHUT up; Now our life depends on networking, TALKING to our peers.

Is there anyone out there who disagrees?P.S. you can also listen to this on my Soundcast podcast here

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