Tools can MAKE or BREAK your business

When I first started in business and hired my first employees, it quickly became apparent that I will have to find the right tools to manage the ever-growing list of tasks.

These tasks quickly piled up into a bottleneck and I have to admit I was starting to get overwhelmed, progress came to a halt and I had no idea what needed to be done first, I started assigning tasks, which were on top of mind, but not top-priority, I needed a solution and I needed it FAST!

So I went on a hunt for collaboration / project management software, to make this very long story short, my team went through about 10 iterations, we tried each one from a few days to a few weeks. It was only due to my resolve of not giving up until we found the one, which suited us best and due my wonderful teams’ patience and feedback, that we finally selected 2 apps, which suited all our needs.

You need to make it EASY for your Team to do their JOB!

A business is essentially a long ‘To Do’ list, and if you don’t get on top of it, especially from the onset of the business, you’ll fall so far behind you may never catch up or recover. You need to incorporate the right TOOLS and PROCESSES based on the requirements, needs and outcomes and of each employee and the company as a whole.

Sylvia Dziuba

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