Who do you Know?

how to get ahead in life and in business

I often talk to people, who think this is not fair; that people should not get treated preferentially just because they know someone “higher up in ranks”.

I think this is not only FAIR but it’s the way we are designed as humans; we will always try to help (hire) someone we know and trust.

I also think that it’s fair, because the value of networking, developing relationships, friendship is severely undervalued by people.

Why is it fair?
Because it takes time and effort (and money) to develop and maintain a relationship; successful people know this and they all practice it.

Just look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, they don’t just talk from time to time, they actually spend leisurely time together, play poker etc…

If you study most wealthy / successful people, they all have strategic relationships with people, who help them grow and expand.

So you have to decide whether you’re going to whine or whether you’re going to be successful.
It’s your choice

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