I am a complete movie buff! I can’t wait to see my fav actors show off their mastery in yet another film.

Recently, we went to see the brand-new Wonder Woman It was completely not what I expected – don’t get me wrong, you did get all the action and beautiful cinematography and everything else you’d expect of this super being, but the message shown brighter than the Wonder-Woman’s new golden armour – I absolutely loved it!

I don’t know about you but the takeaway I received was a clear message about overconsumption and its ultimate consequence;
I mean, such a majority of us have a direct and instant access to things we would’ve called luxuries in the past.
Things we wouldn’t have even dreamt of the 10 years ago are today’s norm. The standard of technology we have access to, the standard of living, but we often forget all of that comes at a great cost to the environment and ultimately to ourselves.

By being able to have everything we want, we destroy all that we value – we deprive future generations access to things we take for granted today. I don’t know, maybe you don’t agree with me – I’d love to hear your view on this, feel free to write in comments below